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At Brûmée, we’re elevating fragrance; in how it’s made and how it’s worn. We remove the often harsh ingredients used in mainstream perfumes to bring you innovative and expertly-crafted alcohol-free fragrances, that capture nature’s most exquisite aromas on your skin and hair.

 For too long, the beauty industry has overlooked the use of ingredients such as alcohol in mainstream fragrance. Skincare and haircare have seen a rise in the importance of organic, cruelty-free and transparent ingredients, and we feel it’s time fragrance lived by the same standards. At Brûmée, we use our expertise in pharmaceuticals to produce innovative water-based formulations that are kind to your skin and hair. Passionate about scent, its relationship with the body, and how it makes you feel, we use only raw natural ingredients sourced in Provence to craft our alcohol-free perfumes. Our fragrances are designed to nurture and nourish the skin and hair, while working with your body to create a scent that’s unique to you. An emulsion of water and oil produces a milky appearance, which works to hydrate and restore the skin’s moisture balance, after leaving a subtle and refreshing scent. 




Brûmée utilizes a new procedure for the manufacture of aqueous emulsions, developed by AR2i laboratory in France, called Water Plant Emulsion or WPE®. The latest research carried out using this procedure has seen the development of alcohol-free perfumes; with improved tenacity, shelf-life and penetration of the product through the upper epidermis layer of the skin. Together with the chemistry of the skin, this quick absorption creates a unique scent for each individual wearer.


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