Brume Fraîche Natural Hair mists from Brûmée
100ml and 50ml Brume fraiche with the sea as a background
Brume Fraîche with white background and shade
Brume fraiche 50mL on a rock with flowers around

Brume Fraîche Natural Hair Perfume 100mL

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Brume Fraîche caters to your urge to relax at a spa, unwind your mind and body, and relish in a moment of joie de vivre. This hair perfume is for the women who crave crisp freshness. 

This hair fragrance is water-based and crafted with ECOCERT natural fragrance extract as well as natural Aloe Vera extract, to not only scent but also nourish your hair.


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What to expect?

In Brume Fraîche, the strong feminine identity of waterlilies is caressed by the aquatic, calming notes of aloe vera. Brume Fraîche is for the woman who seeks purity, pursues a peace of mind, and craves crisp freshness. This hair perfume caters to your urge to relax at a spa, to unwind your mind and body, and relish in a moment of joie de vivre. A few sprays of Brume Fraîche will revitalise you like a luxurious treatment, or transport you to Monet’s celestial Jardin des Nénuphar. The shades of blue reflect the purity of water, home of the waterlilies, and the main extracts of aloe vera. The shape of the drawing shows you, under the influence of Brume Fraîche: tranquil in your mind, empowered in your being, and confident with your body.

Top notes: Aloe-Vera

Heart notes: Jasmin & Water-Lily

Base notes: Cotton Flower

Scents are crafted by EXPRESSION PARFUMÉE in Grasse, Provence.


How to wear?

Spritz all over and mist through your hair; enjoy the sensation as its aromatic layers mature and reveal themselves throughout the day, with a wear time of up to 5 hours. To be worn whatever the weather or season; to be enjoyed all over.

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