The Psychology of Scent: Mood-Boosting Effects

The Psychology of Scent: Mood-Boosting Effects | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances

There are a series of factors to take into consideration when one begins searching for the perfect fragrance; what you want your perfume to say about you, what olfactory memory it would leave, and what the therapeutic benefits you might be buying the fragrance for.

At Brûmée, we have three distinct fragrances, each with its own unique aroma. We provide a range of finely crafted and immaculately blended fragrances from the heart of Provence. Each scent expresses the different elements of men and women, from the strong, calm and elegant, to the charismatic and bold. Whether you’re choosing a fragrance for yourself, or looking for a special gift, we have some helpful hints on which scent would best suit you.

The Calm and Sentimental

Our Cedar Wood + Vanilla fragrance is perfect for the lover of all things nostalgic and sentimental, one that prefers timeless elegance over new-age novelty. You are drawn to fragrances that have an old-school charm, that remind you of cherished moments from the past. This individual is quietly confident, and just a bit mysterious - one who prefers relaxed downtime over being in the spotlight.

Numerous studies have found vanilla to contain an aromatherapy property to reduce stress, making it the perfect relaxing scent. Manne and Redd conducted a study using fragrance materials to reduce stress during MRI scans. Approximately 63% of patients reported that they felt less anxious once exposed to a vanilla-scented fragrance. The deep woody notes of cedarwood blend with the gentle hints of vanilla to set the tone for a nostalgic and comforting scent - providing a warm and calming aroma. If you are also looking for a scent to soothe your mind, Cedar Wood + Vanilla would make the right one for you.

The Grounded and Action-oriented

Our Pine Tree + Vetiver fragrance is for someone who likes fresh, crisp scents. This green fragrance instantly transports you to the heights of Provence where luscious greenery blooms - breathe in the vibrant composition of citrus tones, balanced with leathery, amber-infused allure. For the lover of the great outdoors; you are deeply connected to nature and like to be active and on-the-go. You enjoy pushing your endurance to its limits and are action-oriented. You are indeed at one with nature; nothing sounds better to you than a getaway where you can breathe the fresh country air and reconnect yourself with the power of nature.

As you walk in a forest of pine trees with Pine Tree + Vetiver, the infused citrus notes bring an air of optimism and effortless elegance to the wearer. Citrus notes have often been described as ‘nature's bundle of zen’ because of their positive effect on the limbic system, the part of our brain structure involved in coordinating our emotions, motivation, and memory. The smell of these vitamin-c packed fruits has been shown to boost energy and alertness. When spritzed onto the skin, its freshness will kick-start your day ahead.

The Sensual and Audacious

Our Aromatic Spices + Jasmine fragrance personifies the alluring and mysterious spirit of an individual that lives life to the fullest. Its sensual notes of floral jasmine define everyday femininity, while the more exotic notes of aromatic spices and undertones of coco intrigue a manner of sensuality and mystery, allowing this scent to transition easily from day-to-night time allure. A truly classic fragrance with a modern edge, this formulation appears simple in its chemistry but is quite complex with invigorating and uplifting notes that mature and reveal themselves throughout the day as you wear it. With the contemporary women in mind, this fragrance offers a poetic aroma to complement the je ne sais quoi appeal that she so effortlessly embodies.

The use of jasmine in perfumery is as old as time itself, a favourite of the royals and elites. The rich and delectable scent has often symbolised love, peace, and modesty, and has remained a popular botanical scent for centuries. In holistic medicine, the aroma smell of jasmine essential oil has been used to increase concentration, relieve mild depression, and help with a wide variety of other symptoms. More recently, scientists have found that the fragrance of jasmine could potentially replace medications for a host of modern-day illnesses induced by stress and anxiety.