Provence is the source of our daily inspiration, where Brûmée's journey started. Everyday we try to bring you in our little bottles the emotions that being in this dreamy region can inspire.
In this article, we explore the fascinating history of fragrance, the handmade traditions of Grasse, and the inspiration behind our very own Brumes. | Brûmée - Alcohol-free fragrances
The world of perfumery is an art - it is explorative, playful and has no boundaries, so why limit yourself to fragrances you can only buy in the store?  We have compiled some helpful tips for you to consider when purchasing a scent online.
Scent is a powerful stimulus - specific fragrance notes can do incredible things to our minds and bodies in the present moment. In this blog post we discuss the aromatic notes that could work wonders on your emotional wellbeing.

Whether you’re choosing a fragrance for yourself, or looking for a special gift, we have some helpful hints on which scent would suit which person best!