Our story

Brûmée was founded by pharmacologist Dr. Anne-Claire Walch. Anne-Claire grew up in the enchanting town of Grasse, whose scented streets have been considered the historic home of traditional perfumery since the 16th century. It was here, surrounded by the natural aromas of Provence, that Anne-Claire’s fascination with scent and fragrances was born.

Her research in pharmacology led her to explore the relationship between the skin and fragrance, and its effects on our health, in particular the impact of traditional fragrances. Current fragrances largely use synthetic scents and contain up to 80% alcohol, which, when applied to the skin, can be extremely harmful. Anne-Claire was shocked that, in a world where clean and natural beauty are now so rightly valued, people continue to apply alcohol and other toxins to their skin. And so, she set out to change this…

Brûmée was created to elevate the way perfume is formulated, produced and worn. Anne-Claire collaborated with experts in laboratories across France to develop a revolutionary formulation based on ultra-pure water instead of alcohol. The formulation also uses natural fragrances from Grasse and replenishing organic oils, instead of harsh and artificial chemicals, to create our signature scents.

The result is a subtle fragrance, which respects and nourishes the skin and hair. When applied directly onto skin and hair, the natural perfumes work with the skin’s chemistry and pH to create a scent unique to the wearer, without ageing or damaging the skin or hair. Brûmée’s line of unisex fragrances are Vegan, Certified Natural and produced in France. By drawing on classic Provencal scents with a modern twist, Brûmée’s natural perfumes are designed to evoke the sense of luxury and elegance for which Provence and France are known. Each ‘note’ of the perfumes intensifies as the day goes on, revealing different top, heart and base notes for a beautifully unique scent.