Brûmée’s Roadtrip Around Provence

Brûmée’s Roadtrip Around Provence | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances
Provence is the source of our daily inspiration, where Brûmée's journey started. Everyday we try to bring you in our little bottles the emotions that being in this dreamy region can inspire. With travel restrictions and escapism becoming more like a pipe-dream, we hope to transport you to a place to fuel all of your wanderlust desires. Romanticists and fragrance enthusiasts, this is for you.
image of les Oliviers du Taulisson with the name written on itLes Oliviers Du Taulisson (Beaumont-du-Ventoux)
Brûmée's Provençal escapade starts Au pied du Mont Ventoux - at the foot of Mont Ventoux, renowned for its stunning views of the Combes. The romantic B&B Les Oliviers Du Taulisson situated in Beaumont-du-Ventoux is the staycation of a wanderlust seeker's deepest desires.  Surrounded by olive-trees and sprawling vineyard, the blooming wisteria and fields that crawl up into the foot of the Combes is the epitome of Provençal dreamscape. ⁠
Escape through the B&B's curated Instagram, a truly beautiful visual experience of Provence.

image of the streets of Grasse with the name written on itGrasse
Back to where Brûmée's story started and where our unique natural fragrances are crafted. 'My trips to Grasse were really the beginning of my love story with fragrance. I went to visit the Fragonard Perfumery and I was amazed at this heritage and savoir-faire.'
says Anne-Claire Walch, founder of Brûmée. Read about Grasse, Provence and Perfumery in our recent blog post

Image of the sea side of Antibes with the name Antibe written on it
For a beach and cultural combo, Antibes is a beautiful town rich in history, with artefacts such as aqueducts and fortified walls around the old town. 'Antibes reminds me of my summer holidays as a child. Going to the beach, spending hours in the Musée Picasso, and walking around the 'fortified-city'. This lively little town as so much to offer.'

Image of the lavender fields of ValensolValensole's Lavender Plateau 
If you've missed the iconic scenes of Jacquemus's catwalk in the Lavender fields of Valensole, we'd highly recommend checking out @jacquemus's page on IG and discover how the the Provençal landscape inspires creative powerhouses.

Image of landscape in the gordesGordes
A little stop at the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque - Senanque Abbey, a special place where the monks who live at Sénanque grow Lavender and tend honeybees for their livelihood. Book a dreamy little stay at the abbey for a peaceful & spiritual retreat.

Image of the streets of LoumarinLoumarin

Brûmée's road trip continues in the photogenic cobblestone town called Loumarin, ranked 'l'un des plus beaux villages de France' one of the most beautiful village of France. Indulge an afternoon of wine-tasting at the Château Constantin, an impressive 18 acre vineyard at the very gate of Lourmarin.

Landscape picture of OppèdeOppède

In the small, sleepy boutique town of Oppède, with lavender and vineyards sprawled nearby. We let ourselves be tempted by the maccarons at the Boulangerie-Patisserie Lyse whose colours remind us of our packaging.

The world may be paused for some, and a romantic escape to a plateau of lavender in Oppède seems further than ever. But be assured the scents from Brûmée will transport you to an immediate summer escape, reminding you of the Aleppo Pine and the Wild Jasmine that blossoms every spring. From the heart of Grasse, every spritz of our fragrance takes you closer to the heart of Provencal life.