Why using Natural Fragrance is Better for the Planet

Why using Natural Fragrance is Better for the Planet | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances

Your personal scent is as unique and important as defining your identity - that final spritz as you run out the door to make you feel complete; to make you feel like you. Fragrances are used to enhance your mood and to reflect a dimension of your personality. However, there are countless harmful toxins lurking in many of the traditional fragrances of today.

If you think using a reusable canvas tote for your weekly shop suffices for your environmentalism quota, think again. Leaving an aromatic scent trail behind you as you go about your day, should be the only ‘trail’ you leave behind while wearing fragrance. Not a harmful ecological trail, which sadly (and ‘to the environment’s despair’), the traditional fragrance industry perpetuates. At Brûmée our sustainable ethos matches our sophistication, which is why we are proud to have developed an innovative range of alcohol-free fragrances - designed to be kind to you, and to the planet.

Here we break down for you the negative impacts traditional, alcohol-filled fragrances can have on the planet: 

1. VOC Emissions

Every spray releases Alcoholic Volatile Organic Compounds and currently there is a global environmental initiative to reduce VOC levels, as:

When emitted into the atmosphere it reacts with sunlight, contributing to ground-level ozone (smog). DEFRA even conducted a report back in 2007 investigating Climate change consequences of VOC Emission Controls”, finding a direct link that ”infra-red absorption properties and its atmospheric lifetime is known with high certainty”, which causes global warming.

Not only that, but VOCs produce acid rain, which decimates our global ecosystems. 

2. Waste Production 

Producing anything synthetic guzzles extensive amounts of energy. Manufacturing traditional perfumes uses vast amounts of fossil fuels: approximately 95% of the energy needed derives from them. Any use of fossil fuels is a direct catalyst to polluting our planet.

Additionally, the discharge of waste, while extracting mass-produced ingredients and transporting them, can lead to leaks (often accidentally), into the surrounding environment. This can cause a multitude of negative effects on the habitat of animals around factories that may be producing these fragrances. 

3. Toxic Ingredients

Synthetic perfumes are full of toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the individual health of the consumer. The main base for mainstream fragrances is Alcohol, many upwards of 80% - these are synthetic petrochemicals, which are extremely harsh on the skin. 

Moreover, it has been found that common perfumes have on average 14 chemical ingredients, which are not stated on their labels. This secrecy is due to a legal loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973. Not only that, of those even listed, 19% have not been tested and approved to be safe. Many argue that they replicate exhaust fumes causing severe migraines, and act as irritants to one’s skin. 

By contrast, here are the positives of switching to Natural Fragrance

1. Locally Sourced 

The ingredients used in natural fragrances are sourced locally; thus cutting down the polluting air miles and carbon footprint. A transparent supply chain is rare in an industry known for products containing so many hidden harsh chemicals. Brûmée's natural fragrances are water-based solutions that use zero alcohol nor harmful chemicals. They’re instead packed full of natural oils adding to its nourishing and hydrating properties to leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Brûmée is not mass produced and rather sourced from sustainable, community focused perfumeries in Provence, South of France. Each bottle is made by passionate experts that respect and celebrate the craft.

2. Vegan & Cruelty Free

Brûmée is 100% Vegan, meaning its ingredients do not derive from any animals, nor are animals harmed in testing.

In traditional perfumes musky scents are common, however substances such as Ambergris are extracted from the stomach and intestines of a whale. Or there's Civet Musk, which is cruelly extracted from the glands of a Civet Cat. At Brûmée our scents are produced without such unnecessary pain inflicted on animals. 

3. Kind to your skin as well as the planet

Natural fragrances have fewer ingredients therefore are less likely to cause any irritation to your skin: such as infections, dryness and blocked pores.

While most natural scents are notorious for not lasting long Brûmée scents have been proven to linger on the skin for 5+ hours.

Therefore, with our climate crises reaching a precipice it is imperative that all our purchases are sustainably conscious, without being led astray with all the greenwashing in our current consumer climate by traditional companies. At Brûmée our innovative alcohol-free fragrances hold the utmost respect for our skin, our animals and our planet, while still effusing exquisite, elegant aromas that transport you to South of France.