5 Reasons to Switch to Alcohol-free Fragrance

5 Reasons to Switch to Alcohol-free Fragrance | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances

Fragrance makes us feel more attractive, lifts our mood, and sometimes can even bring back your sweet childhood memories. But have you ever wondered: is your favourite perfume bad for you? Fragrances contain up to 80% alcohol, and it won't come as a surprise that alcohol and skin often aren't a great combo…

The harmful effects of alcohol on the skin

Most perfume is infused with alcohol to extract the essential oils from natural ingredients and to dilute the perfume to an appropriate strength. Wondering about the effects of alcohol on the skin? Research increasingly shows that alcohol-based fragrances have damaging effects:

  1. Alcohol applied directly often damages the skin. Using an alcohol-based perfume directly on the skin every day can lead to damages such as skin irritation and dryness and damaging the skin natural barrier. Your skin may feel even more sensitive, with many having bad reactions that prevent them from ever wearing perfume.
  2. The scent of alcohol-based perfume is overpowering. Have you ever felt a headache or had that burning feeling in your nose after smelling an overwhelming scent? That most likely came from the alcohol concentration in the perfume. Switching to an alcohol-free fragrance will not only give you a more elegant, subtle scent but will also give you the variety of scents of ingredients, such as essential oils or florals, that you're deciding to put on. These natural extractions will represent your personal identity rather than overpowering the whole room.

Why switch to alcohol-free perfume ?

At the age of mass production, alcohol was added into the perfume formulations to reduce the cost and give a more vibrant scent. Now manufactured in vast quantities, these cheap ingredients used to save money are becoming increasingly harmful. Read our recent blog post for more details about the use of alcohol in beauty products. Passionate about challenging the mass-produced and chemical-heavy perfumes, we offer a range of alcohol free fragrance as a way to enjoy your favourite scents. And here’s some reasons that will make it a no brainer to switch to non alcoholic perfume.

  1. Perfume for sensitive skin. Alcohol-free perfumes are gentle to all kinds of skin because they are without any kinds of fillers, chemicals, and alcohol which may cause skin irritation or damage skin's barrier. 
  2. Alcohol-free perfume is more versatile. While most alcohol-based perfumes are meant to be used on your clothes and neck, alcohol-free fragrances can also be used as alcohol-free body spray, alcohol-free mens cologne and hair and body mists as a part of your skincare routine. The emulsion of water and nourishing natural oils (rather than alcohol) will not only give you a more pleasant scent but will also moisturise your hair and skin.
  3. Alcohol-free perfume has a long-lasting scent, contrary to what you might think. Natural and alcohol-free perfumes are an emulsion of organic oil and water, with a lower evaporation rate, which results in a long-lasting scent of up to 5 hours.
  4. Aroma scent and therapeutic benefit of alcohol-free perfume. Alcohol-free perfumes are comprised of natural extractions that contain calming and healing effects. Depending on the scent, these natural perfumes will help to calm your mind during the day and relax during the night. If you are struggling to find the perfect alcohol-free perfume for men or women, you can head over to our guide on how to choose a perfume online.
  5. Alcohol-free fragrance are better for the planet. From VOC emission to waste production and synthetic perfume, mainstream fragrances have really missed the turn when it comes to green and clean beauty. Unlike mainstream fragrances, our innovative range of sustainable fragrances are designed to be kind to you and the planet. Learn more about why alcohol-free fragrances are better for the environment in our recent blog post.