Hair saviours hiding in your kitchen

Hair saviours hiding in your kitchen | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances

Sometimes mother nature really does know best, and that goes for your haircare too! we are all quick to rush out to buy the next “it product” but there are many effective, natural solutions that are probably already in your kitchen cupboard!


Coconut oil has been hailed as a natural beauty all-rounder in recent years, with uses ranging from makeup removal to teeth whitening.  One thing we can promise you is that it really is effective as a hair mask for dry hair.  The oil is incredibly moisturizing and when left on for around twenty minutes, will leave your hair silky smooth. Warm around two tablespoons in the microwave for a minute and apply all over your hair.

If you do choose coconut oil, make sure you wash your face and back after you have washed your hair - coconut oil is highly occlusive so if you are prone to breakouts you need to make sure contact with your skin is minimal.



Guacamole or soft hair? Soft hair please. 

We don’t have many things in common with Victoria Secret models but apparently a love of avocados is one. Brazilian bombshell, Alessandra Ambrosio, has raved about avocado hair masks in many interviews over the years. Alessandra has used the fruit in her hair since she was a child - her mother used to mix it with essential oils to create a nourishing at home treatment.  Simply mash the avocado and apply the paste to your hair or add an oil of your choice.  Leave this for twenty minutes and commence with your hair washing routine for runway worthy results. 



Apple Cider Vinegar is the ultimate hair cleanser.  Many of us use various products in our hair from oils to dry shampoo, which can leave a residue in your hair, effecting the colour and shine.  Using Apple Cider Vinegar effectively exfoliates your scalp and clarifies your hair whilst removing this product buildup - leaving you with fresh, clean hair that also happens to be incredibly shiny! Pour a generous amount over your hair before you shampoo and leave for a minimum of three minutes to get the best results.

The only downside is the smell so shampoo afterwards to make sure you still get that fresh hair scent!  Still worried about smelly hair?  Choose one of La Brûmée’s fragranced hair mists to ensure your hair smells as good as it looks!



Castor oil is an extremely popular DIY hair product and is used by many to try to encourage eyelash and eyebrow growth.  It is thought to be equally effective on hair when massaged into the scalp. This moisturizing oil helps to condition and protect the hair whilst the stimulating scalp massage can help to increase circulation to the scalp and encourage new hair growth.  This oil is slightly sticky so unless you have very thick hair you will want to make sure you wash your hair after your at home massage!

text: Laura Davis