Cologne and Aftershave: Switch to Alcohol Free

Cologne and Aftershave: Switch to Alcohol Free | Brûmée – Alcohol-Free Fine Fragrances

There are so many options when it comes to men’s fragrances. Should you go for aftershave, cologne or perfume, use all and in which order? Well, let us tell you the difference between each of them so you know you are on the right track.


As the name suggests, aftershave is a product applied to your skin after shaving. When shaving, your skin pores open, making them more exposed to bacteria. Therefore, the purpose of aftershave is to clean and close the skin's pores. Additionally, if you have any accidental cuts from shaving, aftershave will prevent any infection. Since the purpose is mainly to clean, aftershaves contain less aromatic compounds, typically of only 1-2% perfume oil. If you are using aftershave as a fragrance, you're most likely used to a very light scent. But if you're looking for scents that last longer, aftershave might not be your best option out there.

What are the main ingredients in aftershaves?

Alcohol: To kill bacteria and speed up the healing process.

Witch Hazel: To moisturize, improve the skin’s elasticity, and prevent razor burn and irritation caused by shaving.


Eau de cologne is a light version of fragrance - think eau de toilette for men - it usually contains 2-5% perfume oil. Due to its higher scented concentration, eau de cologne will last longer than aftershave on your skin. It is a great way to help you smell fresh and clean. However, the primary purpose of cologne is fragrance and it does not contain any anti-bacterial and astringent properties as aftershave does.

What Are The Main Ingredients In Cologne?

Alcohol: To distill the essential oil.

Water: To release the scent as essential oils break down from the heating process of alcohol.

Essential Oils Or Fragrance: To provide the scent.

Have you noticed both these products are mainly alcohol-based? However, as you may know, after shaving your skin can become quite irritated. As the blade meets your skin, it can become red and sensitive. And it's no big surprise that using alcohol-based aftershave or cologne will irritate your skin even more, especially for the ones with already quite sensitive skin.

Why use Alcohol-free perfume for men instead of alcohol-based cologne or aftershave?

Here are some of the damaging effects of alcohol-based cologne or aftershave on your skin:

  • Alcohol deteriorates the skin because it strips out the skin’s natural oils
  • Alcohol leaves the skin dry and irritated
  • Alcohol has also been known to stimulate the skin’s oil production, causing the skin’s pores to enlarge
  • Alcohol can lead to breakouts

When applied to already irritated skin from shaving, you can imagine that the above list can get worse. Brûmée's range of alcohol-free fragrances has a unique formulation: a mixture of water, organic nourishing oils for the skin, and 3-5% fragrance extract. And never with alcohol!  So in terms of fragrance concentration, it is very similar to cologne, and in terms of benefits, similar to aftershave's moisturising and soothing effects. What's not to love?

Our alcohol-free perfumes

At Brûmée, we understand how hard it is for men to find the right routine and products. We are committed to developing a range of alcohol-free perfumes void of the harmful effects of alcohol, that will actually benefit your skin. They also hold more aromatic and natural content, allowing the scents to linger on your skin for a longer period. Two of our fragrances are unisex:

Cedar wood + vanilla: a woody men's fragrance

From the cedarwood perfume family, this alcohol-free perfume gives you a pleasant, warm, and woody scent. Our vanilla extract is not the typical ‘sweet’ vanilla scent but instead a subtle, earthy version of the iconic flower, making it an unexpected unisex scent.

Pine tree + vetiver fragrances: a fresh men’s fragrance

Pine Tree + Vetiver fragrance will give you an earthy masculine scent that will make you feel like you are walking in a forest of pine trees. Known for its calming effect, Vetiver is sometimes referred to as ‘Oil of tranquillity’. Combining this with the earthy Pine Tree scent, this alcohol-free perfume will leave you feeling fresh and crisp.