Are you wondering what makes a perfume product vegan friendly? And how to know if a product is vegan? From vegan beauty to cruelty-free products, in this article we talk about how you should apply the same vegan ethos in beauty to your fragrance routine.

We sat down with founders of Curate Beauty, the wholesale beauty marketplace which has reimagined the buying process, bridging the gap between retailers and smaller independent brands. Read on as we cover all things conscious beauty, their sustainable practices, and the trends they've seen come out of lockdown.

We shouldn’t do it, we all know we shouldn’t do it, every beauty expert has told us not to do and yet we still do it.  We’re talking about wearing makeup whilst in the gym and/or skipping your hair wash routine once you’re done and we’re looking at you (and ourselves as a matter of fact, as we too are guilty of this top 10 beauty crime).

We are all quick to rush out to buy the next “it product” but there are many effective, natural solutions that are probably already in your kitchen cupboard! Coconut oil for hair, avocado hair mask, apple cider vinegar and castor oil for hair, read more to learn about those kitchen superstars.

Can’t get to the hairdresser? Exploring cutting hair at home? Don’t fret as we have some easy, at-home haircare routine tips you can do to keep your tresses healthy, stylish and smelling divine during lockdown.